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Hi. I'm wilswils.

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Blogging again, forreal this time?
  WilsWils, Apr 16 2012

Sup LP!

Reading through my last 3 blog posts are about as embarrassing as it gets. I'm preeeetty sure I wasn't in a good place at the time lol, man those cry baby posts were the worst. I want to say a quick thanks to those who sent me nice / confidence building PM's during that time, it was pretty awesome of you guys!

So anyway, life has changed quite a bit here for me. I went to vegas, did well, but never really played online. I ended up dumping about what was left of the majority of my leftover poker BR (something like ~7k) into student loans, and leaving myself about to grind a BR again @ nl100. It's going pretty decently, and now that I'm basically done school (just finals left) a blog will help motivate me to keep playing / posting updates - I'll be trying to do weekly updates, while playing a decent amount of hands.

Let's see how this goes?



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Sept so far
  WilsWils, Sep 11 2010

school has started, but im fucking sick atm. everytime i cough it feels like my lungs are collpasing on themselves, fml D:

Spent a little bit of time at nl50 6m rush, made 11 BI, moved up to nl100, made a few more bi. lost a couple, and today made like 190$.

I had to w/d some more stuff for RL, so im back down to a 15 BI BR, which is pretty annoying, since I generally like to play a bit more swingy pf, and i cant do that comfortably.

Currently on pace to hit my goal tho, so that's good.

Hopefully i get better, exercise, and do well. Hitting the tables again tmrw


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wheeeeeeee restarting v2!
  WilsWils, Aug 21 2010

Was motivated to start posting on blog again, was alot of fun and felt insanely motivated everytime i made a post. Will continue to do it again this year.

went to the WSOP to play in the cash games @ rio, ran like poo poo and ended up stoning 5k, but made it all back in a 18 hour monster session the night before i had to go~

Right now? Im regrinding my online BR @ NL50.

Started at 1k at the beginning of august, currently at 1800.

Short Term goals: 2.5k

Longer Term: nl100@ 2200

Longest term: 5k @ nl100/200

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